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Tuesday, 26 January 2021  •  Tuesday, 13 Rowan Moon 2021
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Age of Aquarius What is it, and when did it start?
Viewing the night sky in the current lunar month, and the one ahead. Expanded and sometimes updated version of the text that appears in the printed calendar.
Calculating election results The d’Hondt system for multi-seat constituencies
Dates Past, present and future in different calendars
Earth, Ruler of Taurus Which planet rules the sign Taurus?
Easter: new dates New astronomical rule for Easter as proposed by the World Council of Churches, and Easter as the Sunday after Passover
Home Page / How to Order
Horizons An interactive page: how high would you need to be to see ...?
Learning Dutch A page for learning Dutch words, phrases and verb parts. You can also learn English if you know the Dutch.
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Rules for the Moonwise Calendar


Places to Be venues for event organisers, alternative holidays and places to stay in the UK and elsewhere - a book and information-packed website edited by Jonathan How and William Morris
Edge of Time co-operative that distributes the Moonwise Calendar and Diary, along with Places to Be, books about communal living and more
Maggie Organ’s web site showing more of her work

Calendar Zone great links
The Time Now up-to-date information about time observance around the world
Time and local times, sunrises and sunsets, public holidays all round the world
Calendars in Singapore very scholarly, useful site, especially for Chinese, Islamic and Indian Calendars, with plenty of links
Moon Diary Products an Australian site selling what looks like a great diary and other products

Goddess Lunar Calendar by Peter Meyer
Karl Palmen’s Calendars including his Yerm Calendar

Mexicolore UK-based educational resource on Aztecs and more. You can arrange for them to visit your school. Their website shows the Aztec date.

NSSDC Gallery NASA’s public domain catalogue, featuring pictures of the planets and more
Visible Earth loads of up-to-date pictures of our lovely planet from space

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